Crashed Spaceship Scene

This was a really cool project to work on because it was based on such a unique idea. The assignment was simply to make an interior scene and somehow I came up with the idea to create a scene where spaceship had crashed through the outside wall of a house and into the living room. It was a lot of fun for a few reasons. It gave me the chance to really experiment with lighting and play with a number of different light sources from the blue-ish mechanical lighting of the TV, to the strange lighting of the alien space shuttle, to the yellow-orange light of the upstairs light source. It was also just a fun scene to frame and imagine because of how much stuff was involved in it. There is still so much more I would like to do with this scene if I had the time but since it was for a class I had to meet the deadline and deal with all of my other responsibilities at the some time, I had to move on and let it be.

If I could go back, I would definitely add more into the living room setting and might add more into the entrance way in front of the stairs. I would also love to play with the atmosphere of the scene more and see if there is anything I could do to make it look more interesting overall. Finally the two big things I wanted to do but just did not have the time for was add broken glass into the carpet and make it shiny and easy to see because it will add a lot of little points of reflection and brightness, and to use some particle effects to make it feel like there is dirt flying around.  I would also want to work on the couch and see if I can make something that feels a little older and more dated like the TV.

On the whole I am very hapy with this scene because it works really well for what it is and was just such a blast to work on in general. I can’t wait to get back to it someday and build it up to be even better.