Patio Scene

This was an interesting project as it was one of the first times I did an outdoor environment. There are definitely things I would work on if I had the time but the overall feel of the scene is definitely there, so it is at least a good starting point. If I could go back I would definitely modify the lighting so it is a little brighter out and you can see more of the little details in some parts. I would also tone down the bloom effect coming from the windows of the house as they seem a bit exaggerated to me right now. Finally I would modify the “tiles” on the outside of the house and see if I could create some better bushes on the raised garden area.

The original scene was made for a class so as always I was limited on time and had many other things going on at the same time to distract me from it. I like the results overall but still think there are things I could work on. If there is one thing that I loved about this scene though, it is the mood. I think I captured my intended mood really well and would do my best to keep the overall feeling of the scene if I ever went back to it.