Kitchen Scene

This scene was a collaboration between myself a number of other people to reproduce a room from a sorority house on my campus. My job was to do the entire kitchen. I think the scene came out well overall but it does feel kind of new and unused. If I had the time, I would go back to this project and add wear and tear to some of the things and would put random objects around like dirty plates in the sink, food that has been left out and a couple of utensils or appliances strewn about on the counters.

The main reason I did not do all of this to begin with was because of the time-frame on the project. We were only given a total of about 3 and a half weeks for the project. The original term of it was three weeks and then at the end of the semester we were given an extra half week to redo any renders or things we wanted from the entirety of the class. On top of this, since I had a number of other classes at the same time and was taking a full course load, I only really got the chance to spend a little time on it each day and some days I didn’t get to work on it at all. Since we were remaking a location on campus we were also required to do the entire scene to scale and measure everything as exactly as possible. This was a bit time consuming and was especially bad the first day or so when we spent almost 10 hours total going through the kitchen and the other portion of the room (which I did not work on) and had to measure everything as precisely as possible.

I think many of the objects came out well in the end but I would definitely like to go back on day and spend some more time with it. A few of the textures bother me right now and there is definitely more that could be done with it if I had the time.