Match-3 Puzzle Game(Updated 5/14/13)…

Recently I started working on a Match-3 style puzzle game. I’ve been attempting to learn a new tool called Construct 2 and I thought that since I enjoy puzzle games and have prior experience working on them, this would be a good place to start. While the project isn’t finished yet, I wanted to give a brief demonstration of what I have done and talk about where it is going.

Update: I accidentally removed the original version of the game from my site without backing it up, and now only have the final version of the game. Check out the newest post about the game here.

**As I said above, this is the final version of the game as of 5/14/13, so if this post seems inaccurate about the content of the game, that is why.**

The current version of the game has all of the basic gameplay, a simple points system, and a chain system which allows the player to gain bonuses when they cause blocks to fall and create more matches. From here I intend to create a difficulty system for the game. Currently I am planning to link the difficulty to the speed at which the blocks rise, and the number of different block colors the player has to manage at any time. I also want to spend time implementing a few other fixes and features into the game, including a system which prevents the player from moving a block when it wouldn’t form a group, a system which prevents the blocks from spawning in pre-made groups, and special block types which could destroy large groups of blocks at a time or slow down the ascent of the blocks for a limited period. On top of that, I eventually plan on making a graphics set which is specific to this game and is not lifted from my other puzzle gameĀ Chromathud. Sadly, that will probably be one of the last things I get to since I want to make sure all of the gameplay is balanced correctly, but until then I figured the Chromathud graphics would be fine.

On top of working on this game as a personal project, I am also working on it for the website GameDevTuts+ where I frequently release tutorials and guides on game development. I will soon be posting a series of detailed tutorials which show how I made the game. The version of the game that gets used in the tutorials will have less features than the final version of the game that I release, but it will cover all of the key gameplay features and balancing systems.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the game so far and please feel free to comment with any feedback you would like to give. I’ll keep updating my blog with any progress I make, and I will definitely update when I release the first tutorial article.

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