My New Job and Other News…

It’s been a while since I posted on here, but thankfully it’s for good reason. The primary reason I’ve been quiet is because I was hard at work on an article for GameDevTuts dealing with Board Game Design. The article covers how to make a board game from conception, to design, to development, to playtesting, and even touches on publishing your game. I submitted the article to my editors today, and while I know I will have to speak with them and make changes before the final draft is approved, I’d be surprised if it didn’t come out some time this month, so check back soon for more news on that front.


On top of the article though, I also started a new job. As of October 20th I became the Technology Training Coordinator at the East Brunswick library in East Brunswick, NJ. Essentially I am the person who is in charge of all the technology oriented training programs that my library runs. This includes classes we run for library patrons, instructional sessions for library staff, and classes we run for general township employees. My primary duties include scheduling classes on our events calendar, working with patrons when they have issues registering for courses, and, most importantly, making new classes for us to introduce at the library.

Right now our stable of classes is relatively tame and doesn’t include many topics beyond MS Office 2010 and QuickBooks. To remedy this issue I am currently working with my boss to develop a whole suite of new classes for the library. Right now I’m working on a class dealing with Web Design through WordPress, then I’m going to be doing a class on Photoshop or Photoshop express and Digital Photo editing, and then I’m going to eventually do a class on Game Design, and I’ll probably use Construct 2 for that one since it’s so accessible.

It’s a pretty exciting opportunity, and having this job allows me to drastically cut back my hours at the call center, which is always nice. While I don’t know if I’m going to be in this position forever, especially since it’s not full-time right now, I definitely think it’s better than what I’ve been doing, and it should be a great opportunity for me to explore new technologies and meet new people. I’m really excited to see where it takes me, and for the first time in almost 1.5 years, I’m really happy to get up and go to work most days.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now. Check back again soon as I’m going to try and do a post about Path of Exile, a Diablo-esque RPG that just came out of Beta and which I’ve been enjoying a lot so far.


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