Finally have an idea…

So it took me a while, but I finally settled on an idea for Ludum Dare.

I am going to make an top-down shooter which is a zombie game where you can only do one ting at a time. It’s not the most original game idea in the world, but I think it’ll be fun to work on, and it will allow me to make a horror type game and an overhead shooter at the same time.

Some of the things I want the player to be able to do include scavenge for items, shoot with various types of guns, lock doors, and build barriers. Also, the player will obviously die after 1 hit. There are a lot of ideas here that I’ve never done before, but even if I fail, it’ll be worth it to try and make something new.

Anyway, here are my tools.

Engine: Construct 2

Art: Photoshop

Sound: sfxr

Well, I guess that’s everything. I’ll try to have an update soon on my progress.


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