Ludum Dare Progress Post 1

Okay so Ludum dare has been going about 5 hours. while I wish I had gotten off to a faster start, I think I’m doing okay right now.

So far, I’ve set up some basic movement for the player, I’ve done some planning for what I want to have in my game, and I’ve started working on the weapon system. Currently I’m planning on having 4 weapons with 5 states the player can be in, Unarmed, Pistol, Shotgun, Uzi/Machine Gun, and Flamethrower. Most likely I will either add a melee weapon, change unarmed to be fists or a melee weapon, or switch the flamethrower for a melee weapon.

At this point I’m only planning on having two enemies, Slow Zombies and Fast Zombies, but I may add some others if I come up with more ideas.

Anyway, here are two progress shots. they look lostly the same except for the weapon that’s equipped, and even that isn’t represented on the player yet.

Shotgun UnarmedAs you should be able to tell, I am still using entirely temp graphics. I wanted to make sure that the gameplay was working before I started actually working on graphics.

Right now I have a pretty simple weapon system which allows the player to fire their weapons and reload( not at the same time though). I haven’t setup the firing system yet for the Uzi or the Flamethrower since they don’t work the same way as the pistol and shotgun, but that’s what I plan on doing next. From there I will most likely make some basic zombies to walk around and fight/avoid, and add ammo to be picked-up. Finally, after I have the basic interactive elements down, I plan on designing the level.

I’ll probably do my next update sometime around 7:00. See you then :)

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