Ludum Dare Progress Post 3

Okay, I think it’s been almost 4 hours since my last post so it’s time for another.

Since I woke up I’ve been focusing primarily on enemy AI. Right now I have some decent slow-moving zombies which will alternate between wandering around the game area, and standing still doing nothing until the player comes within their field of view. Once the Player is in their field of view, or the player bumps into them, they will become alert and start chasing the player. as long as the player stays in their field of view, they will continue chasing him, but once he leaves their field of view they will only attempt to chase him for 4 seconds, and then they will return to their wandering behaviors. I originally had this set to 5 seconds, but decreased it after some testing. I’ll probably end up playing with those numbers a lot tomorrow, but for now I like them.


I don’t currently have anything in place that causes zombies to notice each other, and I also have yet to make any obstacles for them to walk around. I’ll probably integrate obstacles next, but I’m still not sure what I want to do for zombies noticing each other. I’ll probably deal with that once I integrate the second zombie type since it’ll become much more important at that point. If I had more time I might try and do some flocking behavior, but for now I’m going to stick with what’s working and try and get more features in.

The other thing I want to work on with zombies is setting it up so that they don’t spawn on the same screen as the player. Hopefully this won’t be too hard, but I have already thought of one or two issues that could come up.

On top of the zombies I also created a game over screen, and I gave each weapon a unique reload time so that they would feel more distinct.


After I finish the zombies I will move on to designing a basic level for the player to run around in, and will integrate some sounds to help make the game feel more interesting.

Obviously I’m still using a lot of temporary art. I currently plan to spend the majority of the second 24 hours working on art and animations, assuming that I don’t encounter any major hurdles completing the rest of the gameplay.

Finally, I also spent the last half hour preparing one of my upcoming meals in a slow cooker. It won’t be ready until about 9 pm, at the halfway point, but it should be a good way to relax at the middle of the jam. I also hope to upload the current version of the game here to my site around that point, but I’ll see where it’s at.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now so I’ll see you back here in a few hours…

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