Ludum Dare Progress Post 4

Things are coming along pretty nicely. In the last four hours I’ve done a couple of things:

  • I added a stamina bar which keeps prevents the player from running everywhere.
  • I redid the zombie movement with a better pathfinding system so that I can more easily change up the level configuration.
  • I re-evaluated the zombie pursuit AI and set it so that they pursue longer and see the player from a greater distance.
  • I set it up so that zombies will not longer spawn on the same screen as the player.
  • I created ammo pickups which can be randomly generated to be any type of ammo.
  • I changed the weapon switching system to use the mouse wheel,
  • And,I ¬†fiddled around with player movement a bit.

At this point I am going to start fleshing out my level idea, and then I am going to implement it. I am also going to attempt to implement a mechanic which allows the player to move objects and create barriers for zombies. So conceivably they would be able to block doorways, or maybe even set traps for zombies. Since this would obviously affect level design I will do this before I start designing the level.

I also just posted a screen capture of a minute or two of gameplay on The video doesn’t seem to want to embed in my blog for some reason, so just click the picture below and you can go straight to it.


At this point I’m going to take a short break and see if I can shovel a bit of snow since it’s been snowing all day here. but hopefully I’ll be back soon to add more functionality and get a basic level in place.

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