Ludum Dare Progress Post 5

Well, things have definitely gotten interesting since my last post.

In the time since the previous post I’ve done a lot.

  • I laid out, the entire level.
  • I came up with a full scenario for the game
  • I created a comprehensive list of assets I’m going to need.
  • I got the level into the game with basic functionality.

I wish I had gotten more done in the past few hours but I got distracted by a few things, and lost an hour or more of work because my computer insisted on crashing twice, and then Construct 2 decided to follow suit. Eventually the problems let up and I’ve been working consistently for the past hour or so.

The scenario I ended up going with for my level is a pretty classic one when it comes to zombie apocalypses, you are trying to get out of a mall.In this case the main character is stuck in a mall which has been locked down. It’s your goal to get to the security room and deactivate the gates so that you can leave. Obviously if you get bitten you lose.

Below is an image of the map I put together.


The gray areas, except where noted on the next image, are playable areas, but are gray because they have “fog of war” when youa re not inside of them. In my original plan I wanted to have a fake lighting system that would make it so that you could only see a certain distance, but that seemed too ambitious earlier today so I decided to go with something simpler. Currently you can still see what’s happening in a dark area, but it make it harder. I plan on eventually making it so that the dark ares light up when you are in them, and then slowly fade to dark again after you leave them to represent the information changing. I also plan on making it so that when a room is entirely dark, zombies are not visible to the player. Finally, I chose to make the main hallway visible at all times since it is the area the player will spend the largest amount of time in, and is visible from almost every room in the game.

Next is an image of the map as I designed it, and what every area is supposed to represent. You’ll also notice I’ve labeled where different pickups will go. Originally I was considering doing something like Left 4 Dead where the pickups are random, and you aren’t always in the same place, but right now I am going with a pre-designed arrangement.


Finally I have an image of the map labeled based on the frequency of zombies in the area. Yellow ┬áhas the lowest frequency of zombies, Orange has a mid-range, and Red has the highest frequency. This map does come from in-game, but I haven’t yet modified spawning so that it adheres to these rules, that’s just my plan going forward. I’ve already set it up so that the zombies only spawn in playable areas, I just have to start playing with the spawning system to see what I can do with it. even if I can’t get spawning to work this way though, I want to make it so that the zombies prioritize these areas based on the color, so they are more likely to go to a random destination they choose if it is in a red zone, than a yellow one. This would work well for gameplay since it would mean that the player would mostly be in high occupancy areas and would have to be very careful most of the game.


Well, that’s all I’ve got for this update. from here, I’m going to focus on making the scenario and things I mentioned above work. Then I’m going to add music, and sound effects. Finally, I’m going to work on the art. I wish I had the time to really put into the art, because I know I’ll enjoy it and be stressing about it later, but I think it’s important I get to the other elements first since at this stage they will have a bigger impact. Most likely I won’t be taking any more breaks beyond 10 minutes at this point. Luckily I still have almost half the time left.

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