Pixel Poker Update 2

It’s been a few weeks since I put out my last update on Pixel Poker, or anything else I’m working on so I thought it was high-time I returned to show what I’ve been doing.

Pixel Poker Update 2

While I still haven’t gotten to the point where I am designing AI for my the game, I’ve made a lot of positive progress on Pixel Poker.


Probably the biggest difference is the game layout as a whole. As you can see in the image above, I’ve successfully created a poker table layout for the players. The cool thing about this is that all of the player positions, and the positions of the elements that are “attached” to them like the cards, and the dealer chip, are dynamic based on items which I can move around as I please within the environment. So if I find I need to make a major change to the layout later on and redesign the poker table, or the positioning, it will be a very easy fix to get everything displaying in the correct positions again. Along with this change, you’ll also notice that I’ve started keeping track of how much money each player has, who the dealer is, and just generally laying the foundations of the actual game of poker beyond the cards.


After I got the basic layout working, I also set out to create a realistic dealing system where the dealer receives cards last, and dealing begins to their left. In the gif above, I have turned off shuffling and made every players’ cards visible so that you can see what order the cards are being dealt. In this case the first card that’s dealt is the 2 of Clubs and it is dealt to the player directly to the left of the dealer. If you then continue around the circle you’ll see that the cards are being dealt in a consistent order every time with. As the dealer chip moves around the table, the order of the cards never changes, but the position of each hand does in accordance with the position of the dealer chip. This shows that the dealing system works and the dealer position moves around the table with the chip as it should.


The next gif shows what happens when players run out of money. Right now, since I haven’t implemented a betting system, if a player wins, they receive $10 for each of the remaining players, and if they lose, they lose $10. In the above gif I have set everyone’s starting cash at $50 so very quickly you will see a number of players lose. After they are removed from the game you’ll see that they are no longer dealt to, and that the dealer chip only moves between the remaining players.


The last little thing I want to point out is the discard pile which actually increases in size as the game progresses based on the number of cards that have been discarded. Whenever a player folds, or a card is burned to reveal the next turned card, the discard pile increases accordingly. You can see this in action in the last gif which I’ve placed above. This gif shows a full round of eight hands being played.

The next thing I plan to do on the Poker game is implement incredibly simple AI so that I can start developing the betting system, and the game’s UI. From there I will start making the AI more advanced and developing some of the menus and other screens. I’ve also been working on another smaller project for a friend while working on this one, and will be putting up an update about that project in an hour or so.

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