Tabbed Menus

Tabbed Menus

Besides my pixel Poker project, there’s a smaller side-project I’ve been working on for someone. A few weeks ago I joined a group for indie game developers who were looking to connect with each other and gain assistance on personal projects. I thought it would be a good networking opportunity, and give me the opportunity to work on more projects. I was right too because shortly after joining I agreed to help someone by making a tabbed menu system for their game.


The premise for the game is based around running a ship in a sci-fi setting.I don’t know much more than that, as the lead on the project hasn’t given me too many details yet. I was asked to build an in-game store that the player could use to buy items, weapons, ships, crew members, and many other things. The primary requests were that the menu use a tab system for navigation, and a few basic requests about how it is laid-out. The process has been going pretty well so far, and I’ve made a lot of good progress. At this point I am able to create tabs easily when creating the menu, and I am able to add as many items as I want to a given tab. Above you can see a gif of me moving through the menu, and looking at the items that are for sale.

The layout and overall look of the menu is still not finalized and many of these graphics/colors are placeholders only, as I’m sure you guessed. I think there is a good chance the layout will be modified because there are major elements such as the players’ wallet, and the actual buttons that allow you to purchase items, which would be hard to fit on the current layout. This layout is the one designed by the project lead though so until he asks me to change it, I will be continuing to work with this one. That’s all I have for this. Come back soon, and hopefully I’ll have another update on one of my many ongoing works.

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