Pixel Poker – Quick Update – Dealing Animation

So the past week and a half I got a bit distracted from AI. Since I first started working on Pixel Poker, and got the basics of players and hands implemented, one of the things I’ve wanted to implement was a nice card dealing animation. I always hated that the cards would just appear in front of the players without any “explanation” and knew that if I could make a good animation for the card dealing it would make the game feel much less like a quickly put together program, and more like a real game.

Well, this past week, I finally thought of a solution to this problem that I not only felt comfortable implementing, but I was also reasonably confident would work. Implementing the solution required me to re-work a couple more of the back-end systems in my game, but it was definitely worth it. Below you can see how the animation looks so far:


There are still a couple more improvements I’d like to make to this system, but overall it does exactly what I wanted it to do. The biggest change I plan to make from here is to make the deck look like more than just a stack of black, and add some basic color variation. On top of that, I may modify some of the dealing speeds. Other than those two issues though, I’m very happy with the system, and with the changes I made to the back-end components which allowed me to make it work.