David is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he studied Game Design, 3D Modeling, and IT. While at RIT David made a name for himself by serving as the secretary of the Game Design and Development club between 2009 and 2011, by co-creating the puzzle-game Chromathud, and by working with the One-Laptop-Per-Child program and the FOSS-Box on RIT’s campus to create an educational math game for the XO Laptop.

Since graduating from RIT David has continued to pursue a career in Game Development and has worked on a number of different projects. In November of 2012 David began writing for the website GameDev.TutsPlus.com where he has released a number of notable articles. On top of that, in March of 2013 David achieved his goal of publishing Chromathud on a major platform when it was released on the Xbox Indie Arcade.

David is currently working as the Technology Training Coordinator at the East Brunswick Public Library in East Brunswick, NJ. In this position David spends his time writing and teaching courses related to game design, software, and internet use for the citizens of East Brunswick. In his free-time David continues to work on game projects and articles, and enjoys participating in game jams whenever he has the chance.