Catan in Starcraft 2 Update…


It’s been a while since I gave an update on my Settlers of Catan Starcraft map, so here it is. I’ve made a lot of major improvements to how the game board is generated, how player data is stored, and how the map keeps track of the game state. The image above shows what the game looks like at this point. Continue reading to get an idea of what I’m doing with the project from here, and what new systems I made.

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SC2 – Settlers of Catan WIP

One of my favorite board games of all time is Settlers of Catan. Not only do I love how different each individual game can be but all of the different versions that I have been able to play are interesting as well. With this love of the game in mind I started creating a Settlers of Catan map for Starcraft 2. Not only would the result be interesting but the entire idea of converting Starcraft into this Turn-Based game that has more to do with Resource control than Unit control just appealed to me and seemed like an interesting challenge.

I spent about a week and a half working on this version regularly and have already implemented all of the major gameplay systems. At this point the only thing that remains is to add the actual turn system that limits players based on whether it is and is not their turn. I had to create part of the system already but testing all of the different game mechanics did not require me to implement all of the turn system. My goal is to complete this game relatively soon and then focus on modifying the graphics so that the final product looks like a game of Catan being played on a kitchen table or in a tabletop environment.

SC2 – Boggle

So, recently I have been pretty obsessed with the game Boggle. I have a friend who is really into it and he keeps getting me to play. Because of how much I’ve been enjoying it and my desire to use the Starcraft 2 level editor I decided to remake Boggle within Starcraft 2′s editor. I didn’t spend too long on this project as most of it was just getting used to some of the tools I had never used within the Starcraft 2 editor before. Continue reading