I’ve worked on a number of different projects over the years. To date most of my projects have been puzzle games, but I’m currently working to expand my repertoire and work on new genres and projects whenever I can. Here are a few of the game projects I’ve worked on recently.

Zombie Mall Banner

Ludum Dare 28 – Zombie Mall

Zombie Mall was a game I made for a the game-jam Ludum Dare 28. The game was based on the theme You Only Get One and was intended to be a survival-horror game. It’s a top-down shooter where the player is navigating a mall that’s been infected with zombies and is trying to escape before the zombies get them. In the 48 hour time period I was able to integrate the theme in a few compelling ways, and have since expanded the game to solve some UI issues and achieve my personal goals with it more effectively.

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Chromathud is an indie puzzle game that I created with a friend while in college. In the game you’re tasked with adding up numbered blocks to complete addition problems as they slowly filled the game area. Whenever you completed a problem the blocks used would disappear and your goal was to prevent the game area from filling. The game is available for PC and Xbox Indie Arcade.

Snoballs Chance Banner

A Snowball’s Chance in Hell’s Kitchen

This is a platformer that I made as part of a game-jam held by the company The idea behind this game was that the player played as a snowball in NYC which was trying to find it’s way to the North Pole. The game was puzzle-platformer where the player must throw pieces of their own body as snowballs to knock items over, hit switches, attack enemies, etc.


GameDevTuts Match-3 Game

This was a simple Match-3 puzzle game that I made as part of an 8-part tutorial series for the website The game itself was rather simple, and the main purpose of the project was to write a tutorial that would teach the reader how to make the game within Construct 2, an HTML 5 game development tool.

Settlers of Catan Banner

Starcraft 2 Settlers of Catan

For this project I attempted to re-create the popular board game Settlers of Catan in the Starcraft 2 Galaxy Editor. I eventually stopped working on this project due to the fact Starcraft 2′s EULA prevents me from releasing it, but I am still proud of the various systems I created to make the game work and the time I put into it.