Chromathud Logo

Chromathud is a rising block puzzle game where the goal is to prevent the blocks from hitting the top of the screen. In the game the blocks are numbered from 1 to 9 and will slowly rise up to fill the screen. You are given a randomly selected target number that you must try and reach by adding together different blocks. Every time you reach a target number the blocks you selected will be eliminated and a new target number will be generated.

As you continue to reach target numbers the game will slowly get faster and more challenging. If you cannot adapt to the changing speeds you  lose and have to start over from the beginning. Eventually you start encountering specialty blocks like Bomb blocks which help you clear the screen faster. On top of that, grouping blocks by their number can help you quickly eliminate blocks from the screen.

I created Chromathud with a classmate of mine, Brendan Luchen. The Gameplay Mechanics were designed cooperatively the actual development split down the middle. On the project I acted as the primary artist and art director, and Brendan acted as the programmer/developer.

If you would like to try the game, or learn more about it, you can download the game here, or go to the game’s website and look around a little.

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