GameDevTuts+ Match-3


Around the beginning of 2013 I started working on a tutorial series for the website The series was focused on the development of a Match-3 puzzle game and was written in Construct 2. The game itself took me about 3-4 months to develop. The series was run between May and June, and consisted of 8 different parts which dealt with topics like manipulating the blocks, detecting matches, creating an increasing speed system, etc. At the time I wrote the series, it was one of the longest series the site had ever run, and it was also one of the biggest undertakings I had ever worked on alone. You can play the completed game below:

If you’d like to read the articles, you can follow this link to the series page on the GameDevTuts+ website.

You can also go here to read my post-mortem on the series, or check out all the articles I wrote related to it here.