LD 28 – Zombie Mall

Zombie Mall is a game I created for the 48-hour Ludum Dare 28 competition. The game was based on the theme “You Only Get One”, and was designed to be a top-down, 2D, survival-horror game. You can play the most recent version of the game by clicking the image below:



You can also go to the Ludum Dare site here to check out what other people thought of my game.

This was my first entry into Ludum Dare and I think it turned out pretty well. Overall I did a good job of creating a tough survival horror game, and while there are some issues, most of the responses I received were positive about the game and its potential. If I had a little bit more time I probably would have focused on animating the characters, making the sounds feel liek they were comign from specific directions, and adding a more in-depth tutorial. If you’d like to read my full post-mortem on the game, you can do so here.

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