Pixel Poker

Pixel Poker is an in-progress game I’m working on. The goal of the project was originally just to play around with making Poker-playing AI because I had been playing a lot of poker with my friends. I soon realized that it might be fun to design different types of players and characters around them. so I started turning the project into something more. The project is still heavily under development, but I’m slowly making progress and hope to eventually launch it on Windows, and maybe even Mac, as a free game. If possible I’ll them bring it into web-browsers with HTML5, but that’s definitely something I won’t be looking into for a while.

The game is being developed by me, and I contracted some assistance from Melanie Jones, a Chicago-based comedian/writer, on the dialogue. I may eventually contract out some of the concept/character art, but for now Im trying to do as much as possible on my own.

You can see an image of the game in its current form below:



You can also read more about the game, and the development of it through the blog posts I’ve made on it. I’ll continue to update this page as development progresses.