Snowball’s Chance in Hell’s Kitchen

Snowball’s Chance in Hell’s Kitchen is a puzzle platformer where you play as a snowball who is trying to escape a kitchen in NYC. I made this game as part of a 24-hour game jam that was hosted by the website You can click the image below to play the game.

Snowball's Chance Screenshot


I designed this game with three other people, and we created it in Construct 2. Once we had a design we liked, I did most of the programming/scripting to develop the game, and the rest of the team designed the level and created many of the art assets.

Our original idea here was that the snowball was trying to make his way back to the north pole but, because of the time restrictions of the game jam, we were only able to finish the first level. You can read more about this game in the original post I made when I finished it.