Over the years I have written articles on game design and development for a few different websites including IndiePubGames and GameDevTuts+. Here are a few of the articles I have written.

Level Design in Starcraft 2 Part 1, Part 2

This was a two-part article that I put together that dealt with designing levels for Starcraft 2. The goal was to try and teach people how to make a strong SC2 level and how they could make it visually interesting. It wasn’t meant to teach people how to use the editor itself but merely how to make good levels with the editor.

How to Learn UDK

This article was meant to help the reader get a good start with UDK and to show them good resources and communities to gain knowledge of UDK and talk with other people about it.

How to Learn Board Game design and Development

With this article I wanted to explore the often ignored world of board games. As a strategy game enthusiast, and a lover of local co-op, board games are my bread and butter. On top of that, there’es a lot to learn as a designer form the board game field that can help when making video games. This article aimed to help people learn what board games were about, where to start if they wanted to try some, and what they should understand when making them.

9 Tips for Indie Game Developers I Learned at GDC 2013

This was a pretty easy article to write, but it was also one of my favorites. While attending GDC 2013, I went to a lot of talks by indie developers and learned a number of things I thought others might want to hear as well. With that in mind I complied this list of important ideas and tid-bits I thought people would be interested in hearing. Some of these were almost as much anecdote as they were lessons, but all of them were important.

3D Primer for Game Developer

I wrote this article because I wanted to help inexperienced game developers, or just people who had never worked with 3D get their feet wet and learn a bit about how 3D in games works. With my experience as a 3D Modeler I thought I would have some important knowledge and insight that people with less experience might benefit from. This article turned out a bit longer than I originally expected, but it ended up being very informative so I think it was worth it.

Crafting Meaningful Gameplay

This article is about how to create a game with truly integrated gameplay and design, and about how you can build a truly cohesive experience that immerses the player on a higher level than most games do. It looks at two incredible games and analyzes them pretty heavily to see how they make their gameplay meaningful and impactful for the player.