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Hey everybody, its been a bit since I updated this site, but it’s only because I’ve been busy doing awesome things. You may remember that about a month and a half ago I said I was working on a Match-3 puzzle game for a tutorial series I was writing for GameDevTuts+. Well the game is finally complete, and you can check it out below.

Continue reading to hear more about the development, and when the tutorials will be available.


I built the game for HTML5 with Construct 2. The game itself is a rather simple Match-3, and the most complex gameplay feature is probably the chaining system. I would have spent time adding more features, but the goal was to make sure that people could follow this tutorial using the free version of Construct 2, and the free version limits how complex you can make a project. Sadly this version of the game already hits against the limits of the free edition and I can’t add any more features to the game or tutorial.

The game took me about two and a half months total to make, but that time includes the time it took me to learn Construct 2, all of the time I spent working on the graphics, and preparing the game so it would be easier to understand when writing the tutorial. I am fairly happy with the final product, but there are definitely a few things I would change, and some features I want to add when I get the full version of Construct 2.

The other thing I wanted to mention were some features I was unable to make. In my original post I said I wanted to add a feature which prevented the player from making moves which don’t form matches. I decided to leave this feature out since the game was already hitting the limits of the free version of Construct 2, and because I didn’t think it was really necessary for the tutorials and my editor agreed. I also never introduced any specialty block types. I was upset I had to leave this feature out, but again I have to go back to the limits of Constuct 2′s free version. I was very excited to implement this feature originally, so it is definitely a feature I will develop on my own when I come back to this project.


As for the tutorials, I am currently working on finishing them so that we can start releasing them on the GameDevTuts site. The first two parts of the series have already been written and the third is about halfway done. I don’t know how many parts we will have at this time since I originally expected to only make 3 parts total, and I haven’t even gotten to most of the content I wanted to put in the second part yet. That issue may just be because the first article required so much groundwork to be laid, but right now I think it will be about five or six tutorials, depending on how the third one comes out. I’ll definitely update this post when I the tutorials start coming out, and I’ll probably link to each one here on the blog.

I don’t really have a lot else to say at this point about the project, but once I finish all the tutorials I’ll put up a postmortem on the project and the tutorial series.

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